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Top 10 List of Worst and Best Customer Service Companies

One of my pet peeves is bad customer service; there is no excuse for it! On the other hand, when I get great service I love it; I can’t show you the bad without showing the good! Here is my Top 10 List of Worst and Best Customer Service Companies! Top 10 Worst Customer Service […]

Thank You Dr. Mani and a New 31 Day Blogging Challenge!

I have to thank Dr. Mani for inviting me to take his 30 Day Blogging Challenge!  I am undeniably excited by completing the blogging challenge (well almost, there are a few days left) and learning to love blogging! Joining the 30 Day Blogging Challenge helped me learn the basics of blogging and meet my initial […]

Authenticity Defined – Are You In Alignment?

Being authentic in your marketing and business activities is critical your long term success.  I have written about authenticity several times and it occurred to me I should attempt to clearly define the quality that, in my opinion, is oft-times lacking these days. Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet – thinking, […]

Seven Valuable Lessons From the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

hen I took the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I set out to prove to myself I could write a quality post each day for 30 days that it would keep my interest, and would have enough material for each day.   There were a few surprises and I accomplished my goals. You may have read in […]

Mind Storming with Brian Tracy

Body builders know “pumping iron” challenges your muscles to the point where they get stronger and stronger, the more you use them.  The same is true with your brain.  I learned this ‘pumping mental iron’ technique from Brian Tracy, he calls it Mind Storming and it really works! I learned the Mind Storming technique from Brian […]

Forty-Seven Things That Make Me Eccentric!

I asked my friend, Tony Rubleski, if he considered me eccentric.  He said “No, you are just one of those rare people who think with both sides of his brain!”  I took that as a compliment but decided it would be fun to create a list! Forty-Seven Things That Make Me Eccentric! I love to […]

Life-Long Learning a Question of Survival

There is a quiet, but very real, revolution taking place. Your customers are slowly transforming, especially if were born before 1982.  Your key contacts are slowly being replaced by younger, more tech and social media savvy ones.  Survival demands you to learn to work and communicate and interact with them differently.  Instant messaging and social media […]

Lesson in Authenticity Found In a Tasty Veggie Sauce Recipe

In my quest to eat a healthy dinner I made an important discovery that shed some light on why authenticity plays a significant role in search engine rankings and website conversions. I was eating a healthy, low fat dinner of ham steak and rice and I decided to try those steaming veggies in a bag to go along […]

Blogging for SEO: Does Authenticity Really Matter?

I joined a discussion on LinkedIn recently about Blogging for SEO reasons.  A member asked the group for feedback on his blog.   He is in the insurance business and blogging to improve his search engine rankings to, hopefully, generate leads.   The discussion was focused mostly on rankings and keyword density with little mention of building […]

Nine Easy Ways to Refocus When You Fall Behind in Your Goals

alling Behind? It’s a fact of life! But, when you fall behind in your goals you feel awful! Sometimes it can be overwhelming too! Especially when you are trying to balance career and family and everything piles on your shoulders.  Don’t panic!  Set yourself free! That’s how I felt when I realized my tasks were […]